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Assorted Traditional Mooncakes Box of 4

SGD 52.00

Category: Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

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Product Information
For lovers of the traditional baked variety, the Assorted Traditional Mooncake Box will satisfy any craving for the classic flavour this season.
Each box contains one piece of each flavour:

  • White Lotus, roasted melon seeds
  • White lotus, double yolk, roasted melon seeds
  • Orange lotus, double yolk, roasted melon seeds *new*
  • Sesame lotus, double yolk, bamboo ash, black sesame seeds
This year’s gift box takes inspiration from Chinese culture with classic motifs of celestial clouds melded with a clean and contemporary design. Decked in red with elegant gold accents, the celebrated gift box embodies joy, luck, and celebration for this season.
Keep traditional mooncakes refrigerated within one hour of purchase. Serve chilled or in room temperature. 

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