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Frozen Barramundi Fillet (1.2kg)

SGD 34.00

Category: Grand Marketplace

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Product Information
Steam it with fresh herbs or pan-fry with black pepper sauce. These are just a few ways our chefs serve up this sustainable fillet. This humble fish can easily become a feast.

About our partner

Ocean farmed in Singapore, Our premium barramundi fillets are harvested at a local farm that is committed to farming sustainably. As a member of the global aquaculture alliance, they are internationally accredited with a seafood certification program built on the four pillars of sustainability: food safety, environmental responsibility, social accountability and animal health and welfare. The certification program covers the entire farmed seafood process, including how the fishes are raised, what they eat and how they are packaged. Standards are ensured that this farm-raised seafood is produced in a safe, sustainable and ethical way.

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